B2B, B2C, H2H, Universities... we understand how multi-channel marketing works.

About Us

We are a team of digital marketing professionals who really love what we do. For over a decade, we’ve partnered with companies who need help better managing their marketing spend. We also teach companies how to get the most out of their customer engagement information. We help marketing leadership teams uncover opportunities to make a lot more money by focusing in on their most relevant customers. Our analytics backgrounds and ability to parse through the data to provide real time, actionable information for our clients means we dig deep.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to major account management with clients is pretty simple. Listen. Learn. Execute a clear strategy. Measure. Make improvements.

At 2nd Beach, we focus on a few singular aspects of digital marketing. And those are the things we’re passionate about – Useful web analytics information, Turning online engagement into revenue for our clients, and making the web a delightful experience for your customers. It’s important to our clients that they know what they can rely on us for.

At 2nd Beach We Focus on Some Core Disciplines:

Interpreting your Web Analytics data into meaningful & actionable information.

Evaluating the Usability of your site to increase transactions & revenue.

Building loyalty with your customers and placing value on their retention by recognizing them.

ben photo

Ben Bailey

VP of Customer Success & Analytics

Ben has extensive experience in analytics from the customers viewpoint. Putting himself in your customers shoes is how he finds opportunities for growth and success. Drawing from a background in managing and performing SEO, A/B Testing, Personalization, Internal Search and Analytics, Ben is always trying to tie customer insights with data. His experience is gained from time in both the agency world and the corporate world. In his off time, his 6 year old son keeps him busy playing Lego’s, Star Wars and dinosaurs.

We’d love to talk to you. Our founding principles of deep digital marketing understanding coupled with exceptional client service continue to guide us everyday.  When our philosophies align with yours, great things happen.

How’s Your Site Performing?

Why 2nd Beach?

Well, 2nd Beach is actually a real beach, located in Newport, Rhode Island in the U.S. It’s a meaningful place to our owners and was considered a fitting name for our company. Attached to Strategy, it’s something we take seriously, just like the success of our clients.

Rob Berger photo

Sheila’s confidence, obvious intellect, and polished aplomb combine with a terrific sense of humor creating immediate presence. These traits provided for a quick and seamless connection with our c-suite entourage.

While clear that marketing is an area of domain expertise, Sheila speaks in the language of business; clearly and quite naturally establishing value proposition.

The project was successful for my firm. Sheila’s work was regarded as top notch. I would both hire Sheila again and as well openly recommend her services to other businesses. Her attributes combine to make for a real asset to any business.

Rob Berger
Healthcare Technology & Compliance Expert