Thoughts and Insights from 2B

Talking Analytics with SiteLogic Marketing and Matt Bailey

I recently went over to the studio at SiteLogic Marketing and recorded a podcast title “Targeted Analytics” with Matt Bailey on his Endless Coffee Cup Podcast. Our starting point was an eMarketer survey on measurement and cross-device attribution article that bring to light the gap between analytics priorities, and the capabilities of analytics teams.

Overwhelmed by Big Data?

While I was out surfing recently in San Diego, I started to think about “Big Data” (I mean, who doesn’t think that while surfing?). As a disclaimer, I do not like using trendy terms such as “Big Data” but sometimes it’s appropriate.

St. Patrick’s Day Toast. Real Time Analytics and Beer.

The revelry of St. Patrick’s Day is a month away and breweries (especially craft breweries) are in turbo production mode. A week’s worth of sales data tracked in real-time, is not only fun to watch, but tells online (like and offline beer retailers (like which brands to keep well stocked.