Thoughts and Insights from 2B

Big Data, Polls and Elections

This presidential election year was unlike any before it, the year of big data. We had data, lots of data, not just Big Data, but Huge Data (yuge data?). With AI and machine learning being used on a scale that has never been seen before, massive amounts of polling, data scientists and analysts working overtime to predict the outcome. Everybody knew the outcome before it happened. But what happened?

A/B Testing Report. How to Create Change Through Executive Reports

In the years that I have spent in presenting data to C-Level clients, I have learned that data alone does not create change. Nobody cares about data, they care about knowledge. Feeding data and numbers to people is not the same as giving them knowledge. As Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge itself is power” and nothing drives change faster than knowledge. Knowledge empowers people to stand up and speak out. When you give people knowledge you are giving them reasons to listen to your recommendations, as well as the tools to implement them.

Who’s ready for the Beach? Test and Prepare.

There’s the beach and then there’s the Beach. You know the drill, you plan for months for the ‘best vacation of your life’, you Trip Advisor yourself to death (we were nothing before that green owl landed in our lives) and you book it. Flights – check. Beach house – check. Rental car – check.