Thoughts and Insights from 2B

A/B Testing Report. How to Create Change Through Executive Reports

In the years that I have spent in presenting data to C-Level clients, I have learned that data alone does not create change. Nobody cares about data, they care about knowledge. Feeding data and numbers to people is not the same as giving them knowledge. As Sir Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge itself is power” and nothing drives change faster than knowledge. Knowledge empowers people to stand up and speak out. When you give people knowledge you are giving them reasons to listen to your recommendations, as well as the tools to implement them.

St. Patrick’s Day Toast. Real Time Analytics and Beer.

The revelry of St. Patrick’s Day is a month away and breweries (especially craft breweries) are in turbo production mode. A week’s worth of sales data tracked in real-time, is not only fun to watch, but tells online (like and offline beer retailers (like which brands to keep well stocked.

Football, Strategy and Marketing. How Football can teach us about Online Marketing Strategy

Recently I was watching the first college playoff championship game with my team, The Ohio State Buckeyes. Before the game, I knew that the Oregon Ducks were a phenomenal team, and beating them would take some serious coaching. It was then that I started to think about how online marketing strategy and football coaching can be very similar.

SEO is a Fairy Tale. The Tortoise and the Hare

For years, Search Engine Optimizers (SEO’s) have been like the old story of the tortoise and the hare. Google is the tortoise, and SEO’s are the hare. Google plods along, regularly updating it’s search engine algorithms and consistently making progress, even if it’s slow. SEO’s, on the other hand, are racing to beat Google. Always thinking they are one step ahead, yet always playing catchup every time a new major algorithm or update is released. It’s a never ending battle to reach a non-existent finish line.

Impatient with Indecision? Just Act.

Weaknesses abound. But knowing our own and readily admitting them is the first step in the treatment program. Some of us around here are impatient. Not with drivers who cut us off on the drive to work, but with loitering minds.