Testimonials from Our Clients.

Corte Swearingen

I can strongly recommend 2nd Beach Strategy for any need within conversion optimization and website traffic growth. The company’s approach is very comprehensive and starts with defining overall digital objectives, goals, and the right key performance indicators. They utilize both qualitative and quantitative analytics tools to help define all site usability issues, and they bring a strong scientific framework for creating a test optimization roadmap that brings results. I’ve hired them in the past and would not hesitate to do so again.

Corte Swearingen
Senior Digital Strategist

brian meisenbach

Sheila’s SEO and web marketing expertise are unmatched and I am most impressed with her ability to understand all facets of my business. I even asked her to participate in a large bid presentation because I respect her ability to communicate concisely and with passion. Sheila continues to be my trusted business advisor as her insight is invaluable.

Brian Meisenbach
Regional Manager
Avery Dennison

jeff renaud photo

As a sales professional over the past 20 years , one of the primary qualities I look for in clients I choose to work with is candor.  Sheila has such an eloquent way of being transparent, getting right to the point, and sharing insights about a business opportunity that are essential to winning business.  I cherish the next time we’re able to work together, and would emphatically recommend her for any of my clients!

Jeff Renaud
Major Account Executive

Rob Berger photo

Sheila’s confidence, obvious intellect, and polished aplomb combine with a terrific sense of humor creating immediate presence. These traits provided for a quick and seamless connection with our c-suite entourage.

While clear that marketing is an area of domain expertise, Sheila speaks in the language of business; clearly and quite naturally establishing value proposition.

The project was successful for my firm. Sheila’s work was regarded as top notch. I would both hire Sheila again and as well openly recommend her services to other businesses. Her attributes combine to make for a real asset to any business.

Rob Berger
Healthcare Technology & Compliance Expert

dean towers photo

Having worked in tandem with the 2nd Beach team in the past on several mission critical projects, I learned quickly that they are passionate professionals, dedicated to their clients. Their analysis is top-notch, and reporting is detailed and actionable. Their strategies are molded to fit the client and its needs, and do not focus on vanity metrics, but demand driven results. Clients and fellow vendors know where they stand with the 2nd Beach Team at all times, and this transparency and open communication sets the table for success. I look forward to working with them again on exciting projects in the future.

Dean Towers
VP, Page Zero Media

andy copleman photo

Ben is very knowledgable with testing, personalization and reporting. As a client he moved quickly, tested a lot and acheived quality, incremental gains. Most importantly I really enjoyed working with him. He’ll be missed, but it sounds like things are already going very well at 2nd Beach.

Andy Copleman
Usability Analyst at Toll Brothers

alex metier photo

Ben is the first AT Internet Silver Certified User in North America. This certification is for advanced Web Analytics consultants and it’s a recognition for the unique profiles who have mastered both technical and functional skills. Ben is not only one of these rare consultants but also a great professional with a high sense of the client satisfaction.

I really recommend Ben as a Web Analytics Expert.

Alex Métier
Senior Manager Consumer & Advertiser Analytics
Yellow Pages Group Canada

rose mendel photo

Sheila and Ben are experts in Analytics, SEO and SEM. I appreciate working with vendors who are true partners and have a vested interest in your success. I learned so much by working with the two of them. They are strategic in their approach and are very results-oriented. And, most importantly, they are great teachers. They always explain the “why” behind their recommendations. Sheila and Ben helped me to improve the organic ranking of our site and increase the overall ROI of the SEM program.

Rose (DiPietro) Mendel
Marketing Manager
Northeast Ohio Media Group

deane elek photo

It is my privilege to recommend Sheila and 2nd Beach Strategy.  They deliver comprehensive and consistent integration of internet strategies and traditional marketing while ensuring brand integrity. Ultimately they deliver everything in a package that enhances and supports the corporate vision and strategic business plan.

Her expertise in enhancing our brand within a dynamic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project was responsible for attaining significant growth within our national network of independent insurance firms.

Sheila is thoroughly professional.  She invests a significant amount of her personal time getting to know your firm, your customers and your goals.  To ensure everything stays on track in delivering the promised results, Sheila provides timely reports on insightful and pertinent facts.

I thank Sheila for her services, and I remain indebted to her for providing new avenues for growth.

Deane Elek
Retired, Corporate Executive Director
Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Industry

marie cutlip photo

As Chief Financial Officer of SiteLogic, I had the opportunity to work with Ben for a number of years. His dedication to his clients is supreme and his digital marketing skills, particularly in growing revenue through web analytics, is definitely his strong point. Clients trusted his common sense reporting and logical explanations of the data he’d analyzed. Delivering meaningful results that increased revenue for clients is something 2nd Beach has significant experience in and I recommend them highly.

Marie Cutlip
CEO, Better Financial Solutions